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The regulation of medical devices is specific to each country. Currently different versions of Stethophone are recognized as a medical device in the USA and Ukraine. This means that Stethophone is available for residence of these countries. We are working on offering Stethophone in more countries in the future.

Please select a country of your residence to learn about the version of Stethophone available for you.

Sparrow BioAcoustics

Sparrow BioAcoustics is a Canadian company specializing in the creation of medical-grade cardiac and pulmonary data collection and analysis tools. Our patented technology allows smartphones to be used as clinical-grade devices for cardiac signals, capable of aiding in the early detection of numerous large-scale diseases affecting the world’s population.

We are doctors, engineers, scientists and product innovators.

We are also patients, caregivers and advocates who believe people everywhere want to do more to get better, faster care.

Working on a big new step
To help millions of people
“Serious health concerns will touch all of us in some way. I’m convinced that people who take a proactive stance and gather and use information well, get better care and see better outcomes. Making this an easier part of everyone’s life is worthy thing.”
Mark Attila Opauszky
20+ years experience successfully building and operating growth-stage SaaS companies in regulated industries focused on data, machine learning and marketing. Mark is a published speaker and writer about strategy, management and principles of growth.
“The right diagnosis at the right time will change the course of someone’s health care experience and possibly even their life. We can still do a great deal to make this happen for everyone everywhere.”
Yaroslav Shpak MD, Cardiology
Chief Medical Officer / Co-Founder
20+ years Cardiology and Medical Research. Considered to be the one of the most experienced auscultation specialist in Eastern Europe. A published author on medical acoustics. Awarded by Kiev regional governor for a significant personal contribution to medicine.
“After facing a disease that could easily have been prevented if detected early, I dreamt of giving people a way check their health at home anytime. Building Sparrow is a chance to offer people everywhere a powerful way to be proactive and have more control over their health.”
Nadia Ivanova
Chief Product Officer / Co-Founder
14 years of IT project and product management for the local and multinational remote teams. Experience with creating and bringing to market web and native applications for B2B and B2C markets, including corporate portals, LMS and ERP systems, combined with prior legal and regulatory experience from different industries.
“Working at Sparrow connects my passion for modern technology with the desire to help people live healthier lives. It feels like we're making a real difference in healthcare.”
Yulia Chaikin, PHD / PMP / CRA
Head of Clinical Science and Regulatory
10+ experience in research and development in Medical Devices Industry involved in scientific research, product development and manufacturing, quality and regulation, and coordination of multi-centered clinical trials.
“There is a lot of uncertainty today about whether artificial intelligence will be good or bad for humanity. I am an optimist in this regard. Joining Sparrow has been an excellent way for me to use AI in a concrete, tangible way to help people live longer and better lives.”
Nick Pogrebnyakov, PHD
Head of AI
20+ years in data science and technology, former AI lead at Twitter, Early NLP innovator for Thomson Reuters, Visiting researcher Stanford University.

We are on a mission to empower the population to collect their own cardiac health data whenever they need to by unlocking the vast diagnostic potential of heart sounds. We enable more people to be proactive about their heart health and use that information to get the right care at the right time.

A departure from the commercially available heart monitoring gadgets of today, StethophoneTM from Sparrow BioAcoustics aims to make the detection of heart disease faster, more precise, and accessible to a broader population. By leveraging smartphone technology with bioacoustics and machine learning, we are working to improve clinical outcomes for people worldwide and ultimately reduce the impact of the leading cause of death.

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