Better for Everyone

We want to eliminate the high cost, low access and lengthy time frame for comprehensive cardiac assessment.

Half of the world’s population lack equitable access to quality healthcare

Even in the North America, 50% of adults are underserved when it comes to cardiac and pulmonary care


Time is of the essence

Cardiac and pulmonary disease is progressive. Yet people who are suffering from these conditions are normally forced to wait weeks, months or even years for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Patients and families are left hanging, and treatments are ultimately more serious and costly as a result.


Large personal and social costs

Globally millions of people are pushed into extreme poverty every year because of health expenses.

In the US alone, the direct medical cost of heart disease is projected to reach 750 billion per year.

Low access

Barriers & low access to healthcare

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of widening inequity in health outcomes between the rich and poor, cities and rural areas.

It’s currently estimated that 90 million North Americans suffer from undiagnosed heart conditions.

Implications of Underserving
Heart disease

Heart disease results
in 32% of all global

Lung disease

Chronic respiratory
disease has grown
40% and keeps

Our focus

Low cost
Massively reduce total costs for both patients and providers
Reduce time
Provide for instant assessment to reduce risk and save lives
No barriers
Integrate equitable, fast and accurate health assessment into everyday life
About Us
We are Sparrow

At Sparrow, we are a team of engineers, doctors and product people that share the commitment to deliver disease detection at scale.

We offer a new way to capture and process biological signals aimed at removing barriers for patients and lowering costs for providers.